Project Description

SEBA Küçükbük Evleri


Our SEBA Küçükbük Houses Project


The idea of realizing a new project on our land in Küçükbük, which stands out with its pristine blue waters, calmness and nature among the bays of Bodrum, was very exciting for me and my friends from the very beginning.

It was a serious advantage that there was a nice slope in the land so that when we placed the villas in a way that none of them would cut the view of the other.

We did not want to keep the houses too large in our planning. We did not want to exceed 400 in gross m2 with 4 rooms, utility room / workroom and a hall with high ceilings, as we call 4,5 + 1.

There were huge rock blocks that required us to be protected within the boundaries of our land. Although it forced us a little too much while settling in the land, we solved the problem with two basic plan types. Different plan types and different layouts would enrich our project.

We planned our buildings at the altitudes suitable for the slope and the nature of the land as much as possible for the comfort of the boat owners approaching our project from the shore and the perfection of the general silhouette. The main idea here was to see a minimum size retaining wall when looked at by the sea and our buildings to be in harmony with this slope.

We also had the following idea in our mind: Our customers, our friends at the same time, who buy a house from our project should not have the same façade appearance as the side villa, on the contrary, even if they buy the same plan type, their villa should have a different facade appearance still in harmony with the neighbors.

We put infinity pools in each villa, which consist of thick safety glass on the front façade with uninterrupted sea view. We allocated approximately 1 decare of garden to each villa. By turning the slope that compels us in our favor, we have positioned our indoor car parks on these slopes.

We rearranged the facade, floor plans and beach activities of the seafront hotel purchased by our investor Seba İnşaat.

After its completion, we planned in the form of “serviced apartments” concept, to provide medium and long term rental services.

We will cooperate with one of the famous restaurants in Istanbul within a summer beach concept, which is well known in Greece.

We will cooperate with a famous Italian brand that fashion lovers already know very well and prefer, for the interior architecture concept of our villas and residences. We will announce their names soon. It makes us very proud that these brands are included in our project.

When we received the ” Best Summer Villa Site Award ” in London last year with our project that we completed with excitement and intense concentration, we were honored for being deemed worthy of the first prize by our efforts in Europe.

For detailed information, you can visit Seba Küçükbük Houses website.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans of Block A

Floor Plans of Block B



The prestigious fruit of collaboration between Koray Yavuzer, who has a distinctive place in the world with its designs and Seba: Seba Küçükbük